Alexander Becker

Production Notes

I provide ideation services, conceptual and technical consulting, from visionary design to professional execution and presentation. I am an experienced designer, the creative mind behind alter ego Lyrois and author of "None of This is Real."

How to Comment on PDF Files (with the Free Version of Acrobat Reader)

If you are using my services and we are creating a book together; at some point, we are exchanging PDF files of your manuscript with my layout for you to review and annotate with comments and edits. Here is a short primer on how this works --

To add comments in order to indicate edits or changes to a PDF file, you (only) need the free version of Acrobat Reader.

You can add comments to any PDF file, unless security has been applied to the document to prohibit commenting. In most cases, you'll use the commenting features to provide feedback between a document's author and editor, but you may also find them useful to write notes to yourself as you're reading documents. Acrobat includes several commenting tools, and you'll recognize some of them from the physical world. For example, the Sticky Note and Highlight Text tools are electronic versions of the physical tools you may have on your desk.

Acrobat provides several commenting and markup tools, designed for different commenting tasks. Most comments include two parts: the markup or icon that appears on the page, and a text message that appears in a pop-up note when you select the comment.

The commenting and markup tools are in the 'Annotations and Drawing Markups' panels in the Comment pane. For detailed information about using each tool, see the Adobe Acrobat X Help.