Alexander Becker

Production Notes

I provide ideation services, conceptual and technical consulting, from visionary design to professional execution and presentation. I am an experienced designer, the creative mind behind alter ego Lyrois and author of "None of This is Real."

Logotype: Eurotech

Logo development for EuroTech, a (now defunct) European Technology magazine on Google+.

"The logo "puzzle" keeps running in the background in people's subconscious. Very Gestalt Psych-ish, foreground/background.

The inspiration was a couple of pencil sketches where I came from the Euro-sign and stopped short of including the stars playing with ligatures of various letter combinations. One of the sketches looked promising enough to do it in vectors but that weekend, I happened to be away from my computers and found myself on a machine without my beloved Illustrator/Freehand (vector drawing programs) combo. So I decided to take the sketches and evolve them using a pixel-based program which, given the constraints (between 24^2 and 200^2 pixels) was the way to go anyway; not being able to reproduce crisp curves at that low a resolution. I started big, at 1000^2 pixels and wasn't satisfied with ragged circle segments. In a later iteration I went as minimalistic as possible, i.e. 8^2 pixels as my canvas and tried to capture the very essence of the idea from the sketch and played with different styles of the "&" ligature (which represents "et"), which has European origins itself. Still unsatisfied, I chose one of my favorite strategy, which is the tension between opposites and remixed everything from an Asian design point of view. I the end, it was about removing everything but the bare minimum and balancing it within the square.

The colors come from the EU flag and are fine-tuned to look as intended on G+ because image-caching and server-side processing do not work as intended by color management theory and practice.

That's it -- a lot of thought, constrained within a mere 64 pixels.

The 5x5 iteration of the EuroTech logo

After we almost settled on the Asian-style iconic/atomic logo I finished last week, Max Huijgen started playing with the shape and this led to an all-night frenzy of exchanging and removing ever more blocks and we finally came up with the less intricate but far more versatile 5x5 logo with an overlaid grid as a vehicle to build a whole micro-universe of adaptations out of.

In the attached composites of the page layout, I've demonstrated the application and looks as well as the degrading sizes of posts and comments and a variety of interwoven European tech-related pictures, also, some abstract explorations showing the adaptability of the grid structure.

One additional plus with this 5x5 version is that's an odd number, which makes for even more versatility given that now we have a (potential) center row and column for possible animations in the photo row. The rationale for the grid itself is the industrial/tech look and added detail to the big profile version.