Alexander Becker

Production Notes

I provide ideation services, conceptual and technical consulting, from visionary design to professional execution and presentation. I am an experienced designer, the creative mind behind alter ego Lyrois and author of "None of This is Real."

Logotype: Lightning and Meteors

The Lightning and Meteors sign for Alexander Becker Consulting is a non-typographical symbol, capturing and expressing vision and impact in an abstract business realm.

The symbols were preselected: lightning and shooting stars, these are the tools and the means, while earth and space are the targets, so to speak.

The Money Shot

The glorious definition of Kitsch --

Alexander Becker: Money Shot of the Lightning and Meteors Logo

The Legend

The ingredients clockwise, from top, right, bottom, to left; abstract and camera-ready.

Alexander Becker: Visualization of Symbols in the Lightning and Meteors Logo

Earth -- divisions of the circle, superimposed stars, the weather factor, astronomical symbols, and the introduction of the signature papercutting style.

Alexander Becker: Earth-related sketches for the Lightning and Meteors Logo

Lightning and meteors -- getting the lightning down and the stars up, because how to impact is as important as where.

Alexander Becker: Lightning-related sketches for the Lightning and Meteors Logo

Patterns -- altered angles and directions represent different meanings, active, passive, forward, backward, grounded, or airborne, as well as modulated levels of intensity.

Alexander Becker: The effect of different angles of the Lightning and Meteors Logo

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Lightning Examples

Weather Symbols


Meteors are streaks of light formed when chunks of metallic or stony matter known as meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere at high speeds from space. Most meteoroids disintegrate before reaching Earth. Those that do strike our planet are called meteorites.